Thursday, June 2, 2011

Case of the Crazies!

I feel as if I should go ahead and send out an apology for my lack of blogging this week (I'm sticking to my promise of at least three blogs a week- promise!)
In my defense...my excuse is pretty legit....

Since everything went on sale yesterday morning, we have been absolutely CRAZY here at Shrimp and Grits Kids! Now, when I say crazy, I mean it in the best way possible! We are talking hundreds and hundreds of orders...so exciting and flattering!..Buttt at the same time SO busy! We care about getting everyone's orders just right so we literally print them, pull them, and pack them up ourselves and by "ourselves" i mean the 5 of us who work here...crazy!

Don't fret though! Starting Monday I am going to go crazy with FALL 2011 PREVIEWS straight from the fall 2011 catalog that Mike is so diligently working on (it's going to be fantastic by the way! :) Doesn't it seem so crazy that we are ALREADY talking about Fall? It's 100 degrees outside! Well...the fall trunks will go out early July so it's actually NOT too early at all to start deciding on our fall wardrobe (I have definitely caught myself browsing through Fall boots online already!)

Anywho..back to the craziness of the sale!! I know everyone is patiently waiting for their orders :)!

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