Monday, June 13, 2011

Snow Days!

It is seriously 100 degrees outside...that is just too hot for comfort. It almost makes even walking outside miserable. Don't get me wrong- I love Summer weather. Nothing is better than a hot day on the beach or boat! BUT, nothing is worse than a hot day wearing work clothes and breaking into a sweat just walking to your car. Days like this make me almost long for snow. Every winter, I say the same exact thing: "I can't wait for it to be cold outside so I can light a fire and snuggle up with hot chocolate". Does that ever actually happen? No. A- I don't have a fire place and B- I don't even like hot chocolate! Sometimes I wonder about myself.

Back to snow- the worst part about winter for me is the clothes. What do I wear that is cute without looking like a blimp because I have on so many layers? It's a lose, lose situation.... I can either dress cutely and freeze to death or look large and in charge. Decisions, decisions.. I can't really help YOU with this major issue :), but I can help you dress your child! Exhibit A:

Okay, so it may not be the most practical to prance around in the actual snow in the dress (go with the snow clothes), but this is PERFECT for those cold winter days. The best part is that it is corduroy! Corduroy is one of my favorite winter fabrics (besides Cashmere..but cashmere should probably be saved for those who don't change sizes twice a year :)! I also love the light blue- It's just perfect for Winter! This line has so many pieces that Kate Gosselin could probably find a different outfit for each of her 8 kids :)! If you love the traditional bishop style- this bishop is precious, but if you are more into pants and tops- I love the white bishop top and blue corduroy ruffle pants!

Okay, don't get too excited but I am about to show you something that we've NEVER done! I get so many requests for something that tiny babies can wear. When I say tiny, I mean NEWBORNS. It makes sense- newborns are people too, right!? :) Who says that they shouldn't be able to match their big brothers and sisters? So...TA-DA!

How sweet is this little day gown? It's made for boys and girls and only comes in 3 and 6 month. NOW everyone can match. Perfect!
Don't freak out- we didn't forget the boys! Their outfit is my favorite part (and I always like to save the best for last!)

How cute are these? They match perfectly with the girls' snowflakes, but are also "manly" with the deer! :)! So, if you have a newborn, girl, and boy...you are SET!

All this Winter talk is making me want Winter...I just have to keep thinking about how fun the boat and beach are! I'm also heading to Beaufort, S.C. this weekend and will definitely be spending time on the boat so I suppose I should be brainstorming what bathing suit I should wear over what I want to purchase for the winter weather...but it's never too early to start planning, right?

On another SUPER exciting note! Shrimp and Grits Kids is OFFICIALLY OPENING on Wednesday the 15th! We will be open from 10-5 so come see us!!!!! It looks so awesome in there...(you have no idea how much fun I had dressing the manikins..probably a little TOO much...)

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