Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Manly Man!

I bet some of you are thinking, "enough about girls! What about my little boy?" I definitely will admit that it is easy to get carried away in the pink, ruffles, and bows that make little girl's smocked clothing so adorable. BUT, little boys are people too and it's not really fair that all this attention goes toward girls clothes and the boys are just completely ignored, right!? :)

I find that the reason that cute little boy clothing is hard to find is not because it's not there, but because we are so picky about what type of "cute" it is. Most people (especially dads) aren't too thrilled about their little boys wearing "girly" smocked clothing. They want their sons to be MANLY MEN with tractors and tools, right? I've definitely been privy to the "my son is NOT wearing that girly outfit" fight...and we have to wonder what they would prefer them to wear? Camoflauge? Jerseys?...No Thank you! In my opinion, camoflauge should be saved for the woods and jerseys saved for team sports (while actually playing only)! :)

Not to worry, we have something that will make you AND your hubby happy! Believe it or not, half of the six people at Shrimp and Grits Kids are actually men and thanks to their manly influence (you're welcome boys:) we are constantly coming up with awesome ideas for boys smocking plates. (When I say "we"..I mean Megan..I would like to take credit but creativity isn't really my thing!)

Obviously, I'm no expert on manliness, but in my opinion these tan ducks look pretty manly! What's manlier than hunting, right!? (no offense to female hunters- I wish I had the patience to sit in a stand for hours..but, as we all know, I definitely DON'T). The best part is that it is still hand-smocked and sweet. The light tan corduroy is perfect for Fall, isn't it?

Every season we try to do a line that is just for boys as well as one that is just for girls! Yesterday you saw the teapot collection and today the ducks! So, that's it! Everything else is all about matching!

P.S. We officially starting moving things into Pitt Street today! WOOHOO!!!!


Anonymous said...

Love the hint of baby blue! So sweet! Especially since mine will still be a baby (12 months +) this winter.

Anonymous said...

Love it!!! I am laughing outloud! I have always said that "Camo is for hunting and when my child hunts, then and ONLY then may he wear it!!" :) Love your products, and this is a must have for fall!