Monday, June 6, 2011

Party Time!

Happy Monday! I don't know about y'all, but every Monday I seem to have a little case of the Monday Blues. Maybe it's the stress of the upcoming week or just the thought of the so anticipated weekend ALREADY being over/ five days away. Honestly, if it was up to me, I would just have Mondays disappear. I would be just fine starting every week on a Tuesday! (Tuesday is just a happier sounding word, don't you think?:)

Personally, I think that the best way to get over the blues is to plan or even just think about a PARTY! Anybody who knows me knows that I love to plan a party. I seriously find a reason to celebrate anything- birthday, half-birthday, going away, coming back, new haircut (kidding!)...but, in all seriousness, anything! Whereas some people find party planning stressful, I find it immensely exciting. It can be something as small as a dinner for four and I will strategically plan every single part from the original invitation (usually via evite) to the appetizers to where all four people will sit. In fact, I love to plan everything...which is why it makes perfect sense that one of my favorite things to do when I was little (besides watch the Wizard of Oz) was to have a TEA PARTY!

Seriously, what little girl does not love a tea party? In fact, I STILL love a good tea party (it is just not as socially acceptable to have one with dolls/stuffed animals at age 23 as it was at age 3...you have to actually invite REAL people :)! At first, everybody (including my brother) patiently dealt with the tea parties. Eventually, everyone tired of drinking fake tea, nibbling on plastic scones, and wearing dress up clothes. It also may have been the fact that I wouldn't let anyone else plan the party (I was definitely that bossy little girl...whoops :)!. I then resorted to my dolls (the two million of them) and my extremely patient cousin (thanks Lawren!). Actually, if you can believe it, my favorite outfit was an "I'm a little teapot" SWEATSUIT that my aunt gave me. I am positive that my poor mother would have loved this line when I was little so that we didn't have to fight about me actually wanting to wear a sweatsuit in public...EVERY day :)!

So, without further adieu, THE TEAPOT COLLECTION! Personally, I love how versatile this line is.

I love how you can dress a girl from age three months to eight using a variety of these because, seriously, do you ever get too old for a tea party? I think not!

The bubble runs from sizes 3m-24m while the bishop runs from 6m-8. If your little girl is more of a pants/skirt and top girl-the pants, skirts, and shirts start at 2t. The jumper starts at size 12m AND you get two in one! As pictured above, the jumper is reversible. One side is a hot pink corduroy fabric while the other side is brown corduroy (the bird side goes with the three little bird/fishing lure line- see blog from original fall 2011 preview:)!

I hope that this brightens up your Monday a bit! If not, just start planning your own grown-up tea party for Saturday ;)!


rmtraleigh said...

Are the bubble and bishop in a corduroy? Love them!

Lee said...

They are corduroy!