Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Poodles and Pups!

I've always loved dogs. No offense to cats because I love them too, but dogs have something about them that just screams "play with me!". Now, don't get me wrong, I had a siamese cat growing up (her name was Sparkle Diamond Golden Shiver- don't judge...I was five!) and I loved her, but I also had two labs, Sara and Hallie, and my little mix, Jack, and they were definitely more fun to play with...although Hallie is quite overweight and not much of a player :) Then, as I moved onto Clemson University I lived with a great dane, Cooper, and a Bijon Frise, Max. So, obviously, I have lived with my fair share of dogs, but one thing that I did not know was the difference in "man dogs" and "girl dogs". When I say this, I don't mean whether the dog is a boy or girl, but what dogs are considered "girly dogs" and what dogs are considered "manly dogs". For example, Max the bijon frise is a considered a girly dog (even though he is a boy) and Sara the black lab is considered a manly dog (even though she is a girl)- weird, huh? When I asked one of my bosses, Pitts, why that was he responded that "the little dogs have no purpose! Man dogs are for hunting and fishing!"...does that mean that looking cute and snuggling are not purposes!? They are in my book! :)

Every fall, we try to do something with dogs. Last fall, we did chocolate labs that matched pink pigs for girls (it really was adorable)! This year, we've done something even better! I seriously cannot tell you how many emails I got last year with requests to make the lab longall BUT please use a black lab or yellow lab. So, we listened and this year we included ALL THREE!

Now, every one is happy! This brown gingham longall and bubble feature a smocking plate that includes a yellow, brown, and black lab! PERFECT!

Now that the boys are done, it's always a little tough figuring out what to do to match the girls. As I mentioned earlier- last year we did pink pigs, but we couldn't do the same thing again! So, as creative as Megan is, she came up with something that is seriously even cuter (I didn't even think it was possible)...

POODLES! Seriously, what dog is girlier than a poodle!? (maybe a bijon frise, but it's a tie..)
I absoutely love this line! To be honest, I have always had a little prejudice towards poodles. Growing up my aunt had a little black poodle named Fifi and she was so mean! (maybe it was because I was 5 years old and constantly messing with her..but I'm going with she was mean). I can't tell you how many times she snapped at me and, to be honest, that is the only real interaction I've ever had with poodles...until this dress! Once I saw the little pink poodles with the little puff-ball tail (it really is a 3-D puff!) on brown gingham, I knew I could quickly get over my bias. I think my favorite piece is the little romper! We don't have a picture, but it ties in the back with a hug pink gingham bow...so cute!

If you are a dog lover, this is the perfect line for you! Your little boy and hubby will love the "manly" labs while you and your little girl will love the pink "girly" poodles...Mid-July just can't come soon enough!

P.S.! Happy Wednesday! a.k.a-half-way to the weekend!!!


The Family Foard said...

I LOVE the poodles!! We have 2 and, while they can look like girlie dogs, mine are super fast, chase balls, and catch many many moles in our backyard (and are 60 and 80/lbs). I'm looking forward to getting one of these for my daughter!

Anonymous said...

I love the poodles...especially the romper. How big will it go?

Lee said...

haha i guess I should spend some quality time with a big poodle and maybe my first impression will change :)! Also, the romper will go up to size 4t!

Nicole said...

Oh my goodness I'm in love with the LABS!!! We have a yellow lab, my sister-in-law has a chocolate lab, and my other sister-in-law just got a black lab...PERFECT!! :)