Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Spring 2011 Sale!


I don't know about y'all, but I have a little case of the "Monday Blues". I am aware that it is not even Monday (thank goodness for holidays), but after a fun-filled long weekend of friends, family, and sunshine it is, admittedly, a little depressing waking up to go to work instead of the beach. Not to worry, Shrimp and Grits Kids has the perfect thing to make those "Monday Blues" hit the road! Drum roll.....Online Inventory Sale!

WOOHOO! As I have already admitted, I am a closet online shopaholic. Nothing beats finding the perfect outfit online, getting it in the mail, and finding that it fits PERFECTLY. Okay, correction, one thing is better...finding the perfect outfit ON SALE! As you know, our clothing is already discounted so to find it on sale is a smocked-lover's dream come true! A hand-smocked bishop dress on sale for $35.00? AMAZING! See YA Monday Blues!!

Here are the deets: Our inventory will be on sale by lunch time tomorrow. When I say "our inventory", I mean EVERYTHING! Bishops, bubbles, shortalls, bathing suits, t-shirts, shorts AND bloomers! (I'm getting all excited just thinking about it).

I am going to let y'all in on a little secret (don't you think you should get SOMETHING for reading our blog!?)- everything on sale goes very quickly! If I were you, I would go on our website today (www.shrimpandgritskids.com) and go ahead and pick out what you want so that as soon as everything is on sale tomorrow- you know exactly what is going in your cart. That way, you don't risk someone snagging the last 2t lobster dress or whatever it is you are just dying for!

Happy Shopping! :)

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Paisley Perfection

My goal is to blog about something exciting at Shrimp and Grits Kids every day. Realistically, it will probably end up being two or three times a week but a girl can dream, right? Anyway, Happy FRIDAY!! I know I am so excited about the upcoming long weekend. In my opinion, something about a holiday on Monday just makes the whole weekend more relaxing.

In the spirit of celebration I decided to surprise everyone with another FALL 2011 LINE sneak preview! I am absolutely obsessed with the paisley collection. I love how different and unique it is! Obviously, I love all of the traditional smocked items and I never met a bow or ruffle that I didn't love, but something about this paisley line draws me in. I love the soft colors. Fall can be such a dull season and these light pinks, blues, and greens bring a little sunshine to warm up the cooler air. Shrimp and Grits Kids is known for it's ease of mixing and matching. With all of the colors in the top you could match this pattern with light blue, green, or hot pink! My favorite is definitely the tunic with the brown boots...I would totally wear that. Don't even ask though- I already asked Megan to make me one in my size and I was denied. Rude :).

For all of you traditional people, not to worry, this paisley line includes a traditional smocked bishop dress. For everyone trying to mix it up a little bit (no harm in living a little, right?) try the paisley pants, tunic, skirt, or top. I'm obsessed with all of them. I want a five year old JUST to dress them in the tunic and boots...butttt unfortunately, since I don't even have children and wouldn't even describe myself as being in the mid-twenties yet, I might have a little while to wait. Darn. I guess I will live vicariously through Megan. :)

Keep a lookout for more sneak peaks of the Fall 2011 line. It honestly might be my favorite line yet...we have so many new and different styles and designs that I'm constantly wondering how Megan comes up with them (I would be lying if 22 hours a day I wasn't insanely jealous of her creativity!)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pitt Street Paradise

In my opinion, their is something gratifying about online shopping. Browsing through the options at your leisure, adding it to your cart, clicking the "checkout" button, and, finally, tracking your items daily (okay-maybe several times a day) gives me a sense of power over what I buy. Online shopping has no pesky employees following you around to give you that feeling that if you walk out without buying anything you are subsequently a bad person...hence buying something that I absolutely do not need. I can close the screen on an online store and feel just dandy. Although, admittedly, many nights at home are spent browsing online for things I may or may not need (it depends on who you ask :), one of the absolute WORST feelings is when that anticipated package arrives and it is NOTHING like you thought it would be. Then, with feelings of sadness and remorse, you have to pack it back up and pay to send it back. It's enough to ruin a perfectly good morning! Not to worry, Shrimp and Grits Kids is here to save the day!

TA-DAAAAAA....Pitt Street Store Opening!!! Now, give us a little credit. We are not done yet and you should have seen this place before! It will be absolutely adorable when we finish (Duh!). We seriously cannot wait. Honestly, I have a countdown in my planner counting down the days until we can move in! (a bit obsessive, I know.) It is going to exude the essence of Shrimp and Grits Kids. The small, sweet, southern feel, classic lines, pastel colors...everything that southerners love about smocked clothes and atmosphere! The best part? The location! Have you been to Pitt Street in Mt Pleasant? It is so cute and quaint- the PERFECT place for Shrimp and Grits Kids and, I will admit, that I would be a liar if I said that I wasn't a little too excited about being so close to Village Bakery, Pitt Street Pharmacy, and Out of Hand. I'm already practicing how to pace myself. Maybe I'll only eat Village Bakery twice a week but, seriously, who am I kidding?

Okay, enough about eating. Let's move on to the smocked clothes! All of our inventory will be in stock as well as sale items. How great will it be to be able to walk in, buy something, and wear it the same day? We even promise that we won't stalk around making you feel guilty if you don't buy anything! Going to the beach? Need a new bather? Great idea! Stop by Shrimp and Grits Kids to pick one up! Impromptu party (my favorite kind) and need something for your little one to wear (and look adorable)? Run over to Shrimp and Grits Kids! Online shopaholics, not to fret! Our online store will still be running perfectly with full inventory with the option to order online and swing by to pick it up at the store...and maybe just grab a few more things...!
Confession: I don't know if you have been to our current warehouse location, but for the past few weeks we have been using a porta-potty (see below)... not exactly ideal. Porta-potties should be reserved for football games and, even then, I prefer to go inside the stadium. Thank goodness the dog days are over (or close to over!) and we will have the pleasure of a real bathroom...with a sink and everything! :)

We will, of course, keep you updated about the store opening date! We are aiming for early to mid June so keep a look out!
P.S. Happy one-day-of-the-week left before a long weekend! WOOHOO!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Memorial Day Madness


I don't know about y'all, but I see Memorial Day as a mini, low-key 4th of July a.k.a. the perfect occasion to fire up the grill, make some apps, and have a back yard bbq with friends and family! I know that I have one scheduled on my calendar and I seriously cannot wait! Other than the great food (I'm making fruit salad!), drinks (fruity cocktails, anyone?), and company- the other most important thing is what to wear! :) Memorial Day just screams for adorable pictures of matching brothers and sisters playing in the back yard, sitting on the beach, making a sand castle, or munching down on corn on the cob! Unfortunately, we can't help dress you (unless you just feel the need to ask us for advice- we always love a good chat about fashion) BUT, not to worry, we can dress the rest of your family! (minus the hubby-he might not appreciate a shortall! :)

Some of our favorite picks for this fabulous holiday are the seersucker bow-back dress and matching shortall (we absolutely LOVE the huge bow that ties at the back)
and, if you're more into bishops and bubbles, the Charleston crab bishop, bubble, and shortall! (the name says it all, doesn't it?)
Going to the beach? The Charleston crab applique girl's bathing suit and matching boys bathing suit practically screams Memorial Day (not to mention that you can re-use them for 4th of July!)
The perfect outfit is just as essential for Memorial Day as the bbq, fruity cocktails, and pool (or ocean depending on geography)...so get on it! Go to www.shrimpandgritskids.com and place your order to make sure that your family is voted best dressed at your Memorial Day festivities(as usual ;)! Best part? You can totally re-use these outfits in a month for 4th of July! (or just buy a new outfit...you can never have too many adorable smocked outfits!)
P.S. Orders place before 2pm ship out the same day and SC, NC, and parts of VA of standard overnight shipping! Other places in the southeast are standard 2-day! PLENTY of time to get that adorable outfit in between marinating chicken, making pasta salad, or simply spending the extra time picking out an outfit for yourself...we wouldn't want to be selfish and take the pleasure of marinating and grilling away from the men ;)


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fabulous Fall!

Shrimp and Grits Kids Fall 2011
As much as we, at Shrimp and Grits Kids, absolutely love the hot summer days; their is something exhilarating about the crisp, clean air of fall. We love the feel of soft corduroy, the smell of leaves burning, the excitement of Halloween, gathering family for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and, last but certainly not least, football season!  With all of these fabulous events it is certainly just as important for your little one to have a just-as-fabulous outfit! Every mom knows how important those holiday pictures are and this season Shrimp and Grits Kids has you covered!

Here in Charleston? We have exciting news! This season you will be able to see our fall line at OUR NEW STORE on Pitt Street in Mt. Pleasant! We are so excited about this next step and hope y’all are too! We are planning on opening early June and will keep everyone updated on an exact date!