Friday, May 27, 2011

Paisley Perfection

My goal is to blog about something exciting at Shrimp and Grits Kids every day. Realistically, it will probably end up being two or three times a week but a girl can dream, right? Anyway, Happy FRIDAY!! I know I am so excited about the upcoming long weekend. In my opinion, something about a holiday on Monday just makes the whole weekend more relaxing.

In the spirit of celebration I decided to surprise everyone with another FALL 2011 LINE sneak preview! I am absolutely obsessed with the paisley collection. I love how different and unique it is! Obviously, I love all of the traditional smocked items and I never met a bow or ruffle that I didn't love, but something about this paisley line draws me in. I love the soft colors. Fall can be such a dull season and these light pinks, blues, and greens bring a little sunshine to warm up the cooler air. Shrimp and Grits Kids is known for it's ease of mixing and matching. With all of the colors in the top you could match this pattern with light blue, green, or hot pink! My favorite is definitely the tunic with the brown boots...I would totally wear that. Don't even ask though- I already asked Megan to make me one in my size and I was denied. Rude :).

For all of you traditional people, not to worry, this paisley line includes a traditional smocked bishop dress. For everyone trying to mix it up a little bit (no harm in living a little, right?) try the paisley pants, tunic, skirt, or top. I'm obsessed with all of them. I want a five year old JUST to dress them in the tunic and boots...butttt unfortunately, since I don't even have children and wouldn't even describe myself as being in the mid-twenties yet, I might have a little while to wait. Darn. I guess I will live vicariously through Megan. :)

Keep a lookout for more sneak peaks of the Fall 2011 line. It honestly might be my favorite line yet...we have so many new and different styles and designs that I'm constantly wondering how Megan comes up with them (I would be lying if 22 hours a day I wasn't insanely jealous of her creativity!)

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Amy said...

I LOVE THIS!!! The paisley tunic and pant set is adorable!....i agree, i would love one in my size :)