Friday, November 19, 2010

Holiday Season!

At Shrimp and Grits Kids, the holidays are one of our FAVORITE times of the year! Who doesn't love Thanksgiving and Christmas!? BUT, we also know that the holidays can come with a lot of stress! We're here to take the stress out of finding those perfect holiday outfits! We have so many precious holiday outfits that it's hard to choose just one!
We all know that the holidays are a perfect time for great family photos and showing off just how cute your children are...:)!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The fall line is here!

After the excitement of summer begins to die down, it is only replaced by the smell and feel of fall. Who doesn’t love the pumpkin patch, apple orchards, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and putting on that special outfit for the first day of school? And that’s just to name a few of the exciting things going on in the fall…not to mention Christmas and football games!
This year’s fall line at Shrimp and Grits Kids has everything you need for your child to be comfortable and, in addition, look great at every fall and winter event. Bright colors and warm fabrics such as corduroy fill this season’s line and are perfect for these seasons.
Bright pink corduroy dresses and bubbles with colorful smocked owls and brown corduroy bishop dresses, bubbles, and separates with colorful bright peacocks will be sure to keep your child warm, comfortable, and cute all season long. Who doesn’t think of apples for the first day of school and fall? Our blue gingham apple bishop dress and jumper will be sure to make your child the teacher’s pick on the first day of school. The apple jumper even has pockets for cold hands! The light blue smocked snowman long-sleeved bishop and boy’s bubble and longall will be a favorite of yours all season long.
We love corduroy for the fall. It is such a comfortable fabric that also keeps your children warm. Our French blue corduroy collection will be perfect for any occasion. The French blue and chocolate smocked bishop, French blue corduroy top with the French blue corduroy ruffle pants, French blue corduroy jumper, French blue corduroy overall, and French blue geometric top is enough to please any choosy girl. In addition, your little boy will be comfortable all season long in the French blue corduroy longall, bubble, or pants.
Thanksgiving and Halloween will be a breeze in the Scarecrow and Sunflower smocked bishop and separates made from light green gingham with pumpkins and scarecrows on the smocking. Have a little boy? He’ll love his version with pumpkins and tractors!
What little boy doesn’t love cowboys? Our brown gingham cowboy smocked longall, collared shirt, and t-shirt will be perfect for playing cowboys and Indians outside after school.  Or have a little girl who loves horses? Get her the long-sleeved pink gingham fox hunting bishop, t-shirt, or swing top/jumper with smocked jumping horses.
 If you like dogs you are going to love our boy’s lab and wagon smocked longall, bubble, collared shirt, and appliqué shirt. The light blue gingham with brown buttons and trim with a brown lab riding in a red wagon smocking is perfect for any occasion and the perfect match to the girl’s light blue gingham flying pigs smocked pant set, bishop, and bubble.
 You can’t have Christmas without the perfect outfit! This season, Shrimp and Grits Kids has every outfit for all of the Santa Clause visits and parties. Our Christmas tree smocked bishop with red polka dots, green rickrack trim, and Christmas tree smocking will make sure your child is the best dressed one there. Want something more casual for an afternoon party? You will love the green corduroy ruffle pants with the Christmas tree appliqué t-shirt! Have a little boy? He will love the green corduroy longalls with a chocolate lab wearing a Santa hat and Christmas tree smocking or green corduroy pants with the Christmas lab appliqué t-shirt. If you want something plainer, our red corduroy jumper is perfect with the red trimmed collared shirt underneath to match your little boy’s plain green corduroy longalls. Everyone loves taking Christmas morning pictures of their child so excited ripping open presents and seeing what Santa brought so how could you not have the perfect pajamas to make your pictures even that much cuter? Our girls and boys Christmas tree smocked loungewear is perfect for Christmas morning! The girl’s loungewear includes white ruffle pants and shirt with green rickrack trim and Christmas tree smocking while the matching boy’s loungewear includes a white shirt and pant set with Christmas tree smocking at the pocket. Want a little nightgown for your little girl instead of pants? Try the white flannel lounge wear with red trim.
Even though we all love the precious smocked bishop dresses, jumpers, bubbles, and appliqué shirts; we can’t forget about the extras and standard pieces that make everything look perfect! The boys and girls long and short sleeved collared shirts will be something that they will wear all season long under jumpers, longalls, or just with their favorite pair of pants. No dress is complete without the matching bow and shoes! Our light blue and polka dot double bow, red bow, light pink bow, orange bow, chocolate bow, pink and green double bow, or hot pink bow will be the perfect touch to your little girl’s outfit. You will love how versatile the snap happy shoes are. In red, light pink, or white with interchangeable Velcro flowers-they will be the perfect shoe for any outfit.
Have a little boy and a little girl or even a family member or best friend with another child? Nothing is cuter than to put them in matching outfits for special occasions or every day wear! Shrimp and grits kids is famous for precious matching outfits that match in a different way that will make both your little boy and little girl happy. Our brown corduroy bishop dress goes perfectly with the brown wood duck smocked longall, the apple bishop looks great with the fire truck smocked longall and bubble, and the pumpkin and scarecrow bishop dress matches the tractor and pumpkin smocked longall. The pink fox hunting long sleeved bishop dress will please your girly-girl while the cowboy smocked longall will thrill your little boy. Pink pigs and brown labs look great on the light blue gingham flying pigs girl’s collection and lab and wagon boy’s collection. What is cuter than a Christmas card with matching oufits? Your children will be the cutest card around with the red polka dot smocked Christmas tree bishop and Christmas lab and tree green corduroy longall! In my opinion, there is never occasion in which matching outfits is not adorable!
The most exciting thing yet?..This season, Shrimp and Grits kids has done something completely new that we have never done before. Everyone loves smocked bishops, longalls, bubbles, and shirts and if it was up to me every child would wear a different smocked outfit every single day, but who has the money for that these days? Shrimp and Grits Kids has always been about quality, affordable, smocked clothing, but this season we’ve made it so you get even more for your money. We want your outfits to last. Who doesn’t love getting two outfits for one? We do! So we’ve gone crazy with reversible jumpers, pants, and longalls. Our snowman and pumpkin appliqué reversible jumper with a light blue jumper with a pink trimmed snowman on one side and light green fabric with a light orange pumpkin on the other gives you two adorable dresses in one! Match this with the reversible snowman and tractor boy’s longall and you get four precious outfits for two! The owl and Christmas/birthday present reversible jumper couldn’t be cuter with hot pink corduroy and owl appliqué on one side and light pink with hot pink and lime green present appliqués trimming the bottom on the other side. Even our fall coats are reversible! Both sides are made from corduroy that will keep your children warm all season and work for every occasion! The girls coat is light pink corduroy with big brown buttons on one side and brown corduroy with big light pink buttons on the other side. The matching boy’s style is light blue corduroy with big brown buttons. Turn it over and you get brown corduroy with light blue buttons. These outfits are perfect for every busy mom!
Love to mix and match outfits? This year we’ve done pant and top separates so now you get even more for your money! The girl’s white peasant shirt has three ribbons (brown, hot pink, and red polka dot) to make it the most versatile shirt your little girl has ever owned! Pair it with the red polka dot ruffle pants, hot pink corduroy ruffle pants, brown corduroy ruffle pants, red polka dot skirt, hot pink corduroy twirl skirt, or brown corduroy twirl skirt! One shirt makes six outfits! The girls peacock appliqué t-shirt matches the brown corduroy twirl skirt, pink corduroy twirl skirt, pink corduroy ruffle pants, AND brown corduroy ruffle pants…one shirt makes four outfits! You know we would never think about leaving out the boys! The red and blue reversible gingham pants match the monkey and tricycle smocked shirt, the lab and wagon appliqué t-shirt, the cowboy smocked t-shirt, and the fire truck smocked t-shirt! One pair of pants for four different outfits! Don’t like the red and blue gingham? Try the brown and blue reversible pants for the same effect! If your child has a favorite white or plain t-shirt, add one of these pants for a precious, easy outfit.
As I’m sure you can tell, Shrimp and Grits Kids is super excited about our new fall line with adorable fall patterns and themes, and versatility that we’ve never tried before…and we hope you love it just as much as we do!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fall Line Preview!

Even though we feel like summer has JUST started, the new fall line will be available on-line and in trunk shows starting July 7th. We are so excited about this line with precious outfits for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and any other fun occasion! Just because it is not summer anymore doesn't mean we shouldn't wear cute smocked clothing! It's never too early to start buying new clothes for the start of school and fall!