Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sweet Sweet Lemonade

If I were to think of a summer color, the first thing that would pop into my mind would be yellow! This gorgeous yellow arabesque print is the ideal summer fabric to put on your little ones to make them stand out and be the cutest kids around! The new lemonade line is adorable and irresistible! There are so many options! For those of you who love smocking, we have our lemonade bishop and lemonade smocked dress.  If you are more fond of sweet and simple, we have our white ruffle neck top (w/yellow print sash)  paired with our yellow print capris, our yellow print ruffle bubble (a personal favorite!), our yellow print a-line dress, and our yellow print ruffle front dress.  Last but not least, for those applique fans out there, we have our lemonade t-shirt that goes perfectly with our yellow print skort.  So many options with beautiful fabrics and designs, do you have a favorite?!

Start making a list of your favorites, our new spring line will be up sometime in early January to purchase at www.shrimpandgritskids.com !!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Is it Spring yet?! -wonderful whales.

We have definitely been a little spoiled here in Charleston with this "winter" weather (today's high is 72!).  With that being said, it is getting me a little too excited for what's to come.  I am ready for some hot beach days, sun dresses, and sandal weather asap!  I'm sure everyone is getting antsy to start filling up their little ones' closets with the spring line!  How could you not LOVE the new fabrics and designs.  This season, Megan's adorable whale smocking plate is paired with this beautiful blue fabric (I personally love love love navy blue, especially this print!) for little boys and girls :).

*Feel free to share your favorite new designs on our facebook wall :) We would love to hear  from y'alls feedback!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Birdie Birdie Birdie

It's always exciting to show y'all something completely new and fun.  This adorable new design is a must have!!  Who can resist this precious bird cage design paired with pink print fabric?!  Check out some of the irresistible outfits below, which one is your favorite?
 Whether your little one is a ruffle bubble kinda girl, always loves to be in dresses, or is more into shirts and skirts/shorts-these colors and styles are sure to have your girls smiling all spring and summer long :)

Monday, December 17, 2012

Pretty in Prints!

 I know everyone has been patiently waiting for another Spring preview, so here it is!  It is always soo hard for me to choose a favorite from the new lines each season, but I keep coming back to these precious printed outfits!  How can you resist these cute ruffle bottom bubbles, bishops, capri sets, and cross dresses?

And don't worry, we didn't forget those of you who have little boys and girls :)  Match your little ones in these perfect brother/sister outfits all summer long!  They will be the cutest kids on the block!

ps. wouldn't these make perfect Easter outfits?!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Let the Spring 2013 Previews Begin!

Today is an exciting day for two reasons in particular!!  One, it is our Shrimp and Grits Christmas Party!  Who doesn't love a good party?! (food, drinks, fun, and good company :)).  And two, today we are starting our Spring 2013 PREVIEWS!  I know everyone has been patiently waiting to see our adorable Spring and Summer 2013 line this year soo we are going to start off by showing you our precious Ice Cream line!!

I know it is hard to think about Spring and dressing your little ones for those warm days when it is this chilly outside, but these outfits are PERFECT for those hot days to come. What little boy or girl doesn't love ice cream-whether its from a truck, the freezer, or your local soda fountain, it is a summer staple.  From bishops, ruffle bottom bubbles, longalls, to t-shirts, and more-  this line has so many pieces you won't know what to choose!

Now that you're all drooling over some of the new line, I bet you can't wait to see what else we have for you to dress your little ones in.  More colors, prints, and styles than you can even dream of :)