Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Memorial Day Madness


I don't know about y'all, but I see Memorial Day as a mini, low-key 4th of July a.k.a. the perfect occasion to fire up the grill, make some apps, and have a back yard bbq with friends and family! I know that I have one scheduled on my calendar and I seriously cannot wait! Other than the great food (I'm making fruit salad!), drinks (fruity cocktails, anyone?), and company- the other most important thing is what to wear! :) Memorial Day just screams for adorable pictures of matching brothers and sisters playing in the back yard, sitting on the beach, making a sand castle, or munching down on corn on the cob! Unfortunately, we can't help dress you (unless you just feel the need to ask us for advice- we always love a good chat about fashion) BUT, not to worry, we can dress the rest of your family! (minus the hubby-he might not appreciate a shortall! :)

Some of our favorite picks for this fabulous holiday are the seersucker bow-back dress and matching shortall (we absolutely LOVE the huge bow that ties at the back)
and, if you're more into bishops and bubbles, the Charleston crab bishop, bubble, and shortall! (the name says it all, doesn't it?)
Going to the beach? The Charleston crab applique girl's bathing suit and matching boys bathing suit practically screams Memorial Day (not to mention that you can re-use them for 4th of July!)
The perfect outfit is just as essential for Memorial Day as the bbq, fruity cocktails, and pool (or ocean depending on geography)...so get on it! Go to www.shrimpandgritskids.com and place your order to make sure that your family is voted best dressed at your Memorial Day festivities(as usual ;)! Best part? You can totally re-use these outfits in a month for 4th of July! (or just buy a new outfit...you can never have too many adorable smocked outfits!)
P.S. Orders place before 2pm ship out the same day and SC, NC, and parts of VA of standard overnight shipping! Other places in the southeast are standard 2-day! PLENTY of time to get that adorable outfit in between marinating chicken, making pasta salad, or simply spending the extra time picking out an outfit for yourself...we wouldn't want to be selfish and take the pleasure of marinating and grilling away from the men ;)


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