Friday, June 17, 2011

Football fanatics!

One of my favorite things about fall (okay, it may be THE favorite thing) is FOOTBALL SEASON!! I will be honest- I can't remember the last time I actually walked into a game so definitely don't peg me as that girl that dresses in a jersey and stays in the game for all four excruiating quarters. I much prefer wearing a cute dress and tailgating during the game. All of my friends made fun of me during college because I was definitely that girl who woke up at 8 a.m. ready to tailgate! Tailgating includes all of my favorite things: cute clothes, good food, friends, and drinks...i mean, what's not to love? I guess it depends on where you go to school...I graduated from Clemson University where tailgating was EVERYTHING! My parents also went to Clemson so I grew up going to games (and actually having to go in..yuck). Confession: I went through a tomboy stage...so don't judge my seven year old self, but I always wanted to wear a Clemson jersey to the games (my poor mother)! I am sure that my mother would have LOVED this line (even though I probably would not have worn it).

If you're like me and love going to football games and tailgating, you know that it is tough finding a cute outfit that matches the team colors! USC girls have it easy (black!) but Clemson girls...orange?...it's a little tough to find! So, great news! With this line, you can spend less time on finding an outfit for your little ones and more time finding the perfect outfit for YOU! (definitely a win,win situation)

So obviously I'm a little biased towards Clemson, but I love all of the other team designs too! Not to worry- we didn't forget the boys! Every bishop has a matching longall!



MichelleMDavis said...

What schools will you have?? I am so excited!!!!

Lee said...

We will have Clemson, Auburn, Alabama, Georgia, and USC!