Friday, June 10, 2011

Birthday Babies!

Anyone that knows me knows that I absolutely LOVE birthdays! Seriously, if I could have my life any way I wanted it (even though it's pretty great the way it is) every day would be my birthday or at least a good friend's birthday! Birthdays are the ultimate reason for celebration- and the best part is that the celebration is all about YOU! That's the difference between a birthday and Christmas or Thanksgiving- they are all reasons to celebrate, but on your birthday everybody is celebrating YOU (and, seriously, how great is that!?) Growing up, it always seemed that my brother and I had joint birthday parties and I HATED IT! First of all, I always had to compromise so that it was something that we both wanted to do (for example- a pool party). No princess parties for me because "boys don't like princesses". Maybe that's why I'm so obsessed with my birthday now (thanks Mom :). Second, boys had to be there! From ages five through ten I was not the keenest on boys- I much prefered an all girls party (sometimes all girls parties are STILL the most fun!).
Other than the joint parties- birthdays were always a HUGE deal in my house (I seriously think this is why I still make such a huge deal of them now)! The day would begin with "L" shaped pancakes and presents before school and continue on to a "special lunch" and cupcakes for my class at school and end with dinner wherever I wanted. Birthdays are just one of those days where you fall soundly asleep at night exhausted but with a content, happy smile.
Other than the parties (MY FAVORITE), the cake, and the presents- the other most important thing is, obviously, the outfit. I seriously wonder what age it is that birthdays stop being so absolutely fabulous? My mom and dad always seem to hate their birthdays so I always thought that when you "grow up" birthdays just aren't as exciting, but if that is true- I must not be "all grown up" yet because I'm getting excited about my birthday already (and it's in October!)
Back to the outfits- what girl doesn't look for the perfect outfit for her birthday. Seriously, starting in August, the sole purpose of my online shopping is a. for my birthday outfit or b. orange things to wear to Clemson games :)! Like I said previously, your birthday is all about you so it really is just not acceptable to not have on the perfect outfit whether you are three or twenty three years old!
Unfortunately, I can't help you pick out your outfit if you are anywhere over 7, but I CAN help you find the perfect outfit for your child's birthday! If you are like my mom, you go a tinyyyy bit camera crazy on birthdays! Picture 10 years from now, do you really want your son or daughter looking through old pictures from birthdays and saying "EW..why did you let me dress like that on my birthday"!? I didn't think so...Not to worry, we have you covered! :)

How cute are they!? The girls smocked-inset dress is made from a light pink gingham with a hand-smocked cupcake in the center while the boy's shortall is a light green gingham with a hand-smocked alligator wearing a birthday hat and balloons in the center!

You're welcome...Now you have more time to focus on what YOU will wear for the party (you know you'll be in the pictures too! :)!

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