Thursday, June 23, 2011

Two for one? Yes, Please!

I love everything that is "two for one". If I see a sign at the grocery store that says "buy one get one free", I'm definitely that sucker that buys it,...even if I don't need it. OR a happy hour with "two for one appetizers"...am I hungry enough for two? NO! Do I order two because I can? YES! I just can't pass up a deal...I haven't seen very many adult clothes that are reversible, but if I did, I would probably buy it because I can! I actually do have a bathing suit that is reversible and I wear it all the time! Mid-day outfit change? Don't mind if I do...

Not to fret, we have so many things coming this fall that are "two for one"/reversible. Think about it! If you're going on vacation for a week- you would only have to take three or four dresses and still be able to wear a different (and adorable) outfit every day! (sounds pretty good to me!)...

Take your pick from the ones below..(and then run home to brag to the hubby about how much money you saved!!....orrrr just go buy something for yourself and leave out that little detail...:)

P.S! Happy Thursday (AKA one day to the weekend/my favorite day(Friday!)!!!

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Witcher Family said...

Although I'm obsessed with the Georgia bulldogs, I graduated from ole miss and would LOVE to see something from y'all with a rebel on it.....or maybe even a silly black bear. My husband went to ms state and yslls ga bulldog works for that and still makes me happy bc I know it's the REAL bulldogs;).
Just something to think about.
Thanks.....LOVE your clothes!!!!