Friday, December 16, 2011

What's not to love!?

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You're going to read this and think "yeah, yeah, yeah...no one can be THATTTT happy!" In all seriousness, I woke up this morning feeling, honestly, just HAPPY...and it's such an awesome feeling! (I'm generally a pretty happy person, but everyone has those "not-so-happy-stay-away-from-me" days, right?) NOT TODAY! My wonderful outlook on life today might have something to do with:

b. It's CHRISTMAS time (still as a 24 year old, I get weirdly excited about Christmas). I just love it! Ever since I finished with exams (HELLOOOO Christmas break!), I've been seriously in the spirit! For example, last Saturday night I stayed in to drink hot chocolate and watch the Grinch (don't judge me that I also watched it on Tuesday night:) and last night after our weekly supper club, we poured solo cups of apple cider and I made everyone trek downtown Charleston to walk around Marion square and look at the lights! Obviously, the boys were miserable at first (grinches!), but then they even got into the spirit and sang Christmas songs! (Honestly, they could have been just mocking me because I was SOOOO excited about the lights..but, oh well, I'm going to just believe that they actually got into the spirit:)
c. Sometimes driving over the Cooper River Bridge in the morning to work, it still honestly amazes me how beautiful Charleston is! Obviously, this morning was one of those mornings! It's 75 degrees, the water was sparkling, and the sun was shining! (the best part is that after I get off at 12, I weaseled my way into a Friday afternoon boat ride:)

Obviously, I did not take that picture (ever or this morning :), but you get the picture!

Anywho, I decided that since I was in such a "Charleston-Loving mood" this morning, I would debut the Charleston Harbor line! I loveee the light blue seersucker of this line! This design is so cute that it, honestly, speaks for itself!

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These outfits are darling!