Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Get Invited to a Par-tayyy!

I just love a good party...I really do. I,honestly, get more excited about planning a party than I do actually attending it (Strange, I know). I just can't help it though! I love planning out what apps and drinks to have, what place settings to use (if it is a rare dinner), what music to play, EVERYTHING! It's just so exciting! It's one of the reasons that I love the holiday season...parties GALORE! Actually, I can find about any reason to have a party.... "It's Wednesday!?..we should celebrate"! :)

For this reason- I woke up super excited this morning because tonight is our second annual Secret Santa ornament exchange! My friends and I from college started this tradition last year and it's so fun! It's like a secret santa but it's only ornaments! (the nicer ones that you hate buying for yourself but look so pretty on the tree:). It think it all started because we realized that once we "grow up" (24 is obvioulsy not grown up), get married, and have a tree to decorate-it'd be nice to actually have some pretty ornaments! So, we all get together, make apps, drink wine(/champagne), and exchange ornaments! SO fun!

Anywho, I'm totally off subject (as usual!). The party I'm supposed to be talking about is even better than the ornament exchange because you get CLOTHES! (minus the tiny detail that you have to pay for them :)! We got our spring 2012 invitations in the mail yesterday and they are so cute! With all of the precious previews I've been posting, I know you're just dying to see them in person and go to a party! Soooo...here's what you do!

1. email scheduling@shrimpandgritskids.com with your location (city and state)
2. Mary (the scheduling lady :) will forward your email to the closest rep.
3. the rep will get in touch with you with dates, hostesses, etc!

Pretty easy, eh? Like I always say...anything is reason for a party...ESPECIALLY cute clothes!

P.S. I TOLDDDD you the invitation was cute!

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