Friday, December 9, 2011

Sadie Surprise!

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All this talk about Spring and Summer has got me in the mood for sunshine and water. Too bad it's only December :)! Back to focusing on Christmas, boots, coats, and snow... I guess...

Luckily, I can still get my warm weather fix through talking about summer clothes :)

Two seasons ago, Megan discovered that she could design her own fabric (like she needs anything to make her even MORE creative) and, since then, her original designs have been some of my absolute favorites (for example, the paisley fabric this season)!

Obviously, this "sadie" design is NO exception. Its' just so pretty and sweet! It's absolutely PERFECT for Easter or a Spring or Summer wedding. I just love this print- if they could make it in my size- I would wear it!

I just love all of the ruffles and bows...I just don't know what my favorite is! The bubble or the bow-back dress!

P.S. HAPPY FRIDAYYYYY!!!! I hope all of you have your Christmas outfits ready! Those pictures last a lifetime, you know! ;)

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alisonrader07 said...

I'm in love! I am so excited about getting my trunk show scheduled. :)