Monday, December 19, 2011

Easter bunnies!

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Happy Monday!! No Monday blues today! I just still cannot believe that Christmas is THIS weekend! I can already tell that this week is going to be crazy...don't get me wrong, I usually LOVEEEE a socially packed week, but I feel as if the holiday festivities are NEVER ending! Because I know that you're dyinggg to know my schedule, I'll lay it out for you! It all began last Wednesday!

Wednesday 12/14: Secret Santa Ornament exchange (you've already heard alll about that)
Thursday 12/15: Christmas light viewing and supper (which you've also heard about)
Friday 12/16: Clemson Alumni Holiday Christmas Party
Saturday 12/17: Holiday Party at a friend's house
Sunday 12/18: Charleston Angler Employee Holiday Party
Monday 12/19: Debutante Party in Downtown Charleston
Tuesday 12/20: Last kickball game of the season (not exactly holiday themed, but still a social event)
Wednesday 12/21: Shrimp and Grits Kids Christmas Party :)
Thursday 12/22: Christmas Cocktails at a friend's house
Friday 12/23: Cocktail Party for some newly wed friends
Saturday 12/24: Christmas Eve party
Sunday 12/25: CHRISTMAS

At some point I have to finish my Christmas shopping (why is it so hard to find something for your boyfriend's parents and your dad!?...I find it impossible!) And don't even get me started on New Year's Eve! With all of this holiday madness, you MUSTTTT wonder how I have any room in my little head to think about Easter...but, oh, I do!

I absolutely love Easter! I mean, what's not to love!? Hellooo Spring, Easter lillies (my absolute favorite flower of all time), white, seersucker, linen...just to name a few! I don't know when the year came that my mom didn't spend endless days shopping for the perfect Easter dress for me...but it came and, unfortunately, my mom doesn't care what I wear on Easter (as long as it covers my shoulders, isn't too tight, doesn't show too much leg, the perfect fabric...blah,blah the list of requirements for the "appropriate" Easter outfits goes on and on...the woes of being a southern girl:)) Therefore, I am going to, once again, live vicariously through you (as you get to search for the perfect Easter outfit for your little one).

I hate to break it to you, but the search will be short because I've already found the perfect outfits (you're welcome :)! I'm absolutely obsessed with this rabbit bishop and jon jon. I mean, what little kid doesn't love Peter Cottontail!? I had the whole collection of books (I still do!) and it doesn't hurt that he makes a pretty adorable smocked design!

Looking for a more casual look during the Easter season? I love this applique look! Once again, the shirt is also a dress AND the other side is the 4th of July design you saw earlier! Such a great deal in my opinion (and I know my deals! :)!

Congratulations! Now that you have your child's Easter outfit picked out (I'm hoping you already snagged on of our adorable Christmas outfits for THIS weekend)...You have more time to focus on what YOU'RE going to wear for the holidays! (Oh, well hey, sparkles for New Years Eve and babysitter for the night (hopefully!) :))

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