Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Preppy Alligators!

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Those of you who have been shopping at Shrimp and Grits Kids for years know that Megan always does an "alligator" design (and it always is one of our most popular!)

Every year, the alligators are a little different while also continuing to be one of her signatures. I have to admit- after the Santa Alligator design (which, by the way is still available for Christmas on www.shrimpandgritskids.com), I didn't think I could like one more...BUT, once again, she proved me wrong (what's new :) and I have a NEW favorite! I don't know whether it is the styles she included-like the bow back dress or the new bubble or the preppy aspect of it that I like more...I guess I just like it all ;)!

I love how some of the cutest smocked animals are the scariest in real life. Have you ever thought about that? I mean, who looks at a jelly fish, shrimp, or alligator and says "awwww, how cute!". If you do- more power to you- but, in my opinion, they are anything BUT cute....UNTIL they are smocked onto an outfit!

How cute is the picture of Lyla Gray (Megan's youngest) with the iphone and sunglasses!?.....

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