Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Spring 2011 Previews BEGIN!

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Confession: I have mixed feelings about this line. I'm SO excited because I honestly think it's Megan's cutest, most original line yet, BUT I'm also sad because it is the last line I get to preview :( After working here for two years, I finally have to go to a full-time internship for graduate school. I guess I should take on the "glass is half full" attitude and just be excited, eh?

Honestly, I'm obsessed with this whole line. It's going to be hard for me just to preview one design at time, but patience is a virtue, right?

This design is one of my favorites, but the reason that I decided to preview it first is because, duh, it has SHRIMP! What design is better to preview SHRIMP AND GRITS kids Spring 2012 line than the Shrimp and Fiddler Crab Line!? Personally, I love Shrimp... shrimp kabobs, shrimp creole, shrimp and grits, fried shrimp, grilled shrimp...you can cook shrimp about any which way ;). I never knew that shrimp could be cute though. Have you ever seen a live shrimp?...they look like demons! Far, far from Cute! But, OF COURSE, Megan can make a shrimp adorable!

These outfits are so perfect for summer for numerous reasons:

1. They are seersucker (y'all know how much I love seersucker)
2. They are red, white, and blue (HELLOOO 4th of July!)
3. I love any kind of ruffle fanny (just wait until you see the girl's bubble)...I'm obsessed.

Okay, Okay I know I'm rambling (I have a bad habit of doing that)..and I know y'all are dying to see...so drumroll...

Seriously, how cute is this line!? My favorite part is the girl's bubble (obviously!). I think that the ruffles on the fanny and cross back are so so cute (not to mention that the little girl is so cute that I just want to SQUEEZE her)!


Kellie said...

LOVE this! Especially LOVE the boys BLUE polo - no more White shirts that stain so easily!!!! Woohoo!!!!! LOVE that little girls dress - I'm SO excited!!!!

Brooke said...