Thursday, December 8, 2011

Jiggly Jellyfish!

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I am going to be honest with you. I was seriously skeptical of this design!

It could have something to do with the fact that I am deathly allergic to jelly fish....two summers ago I was innocently enjoying a boat day when my best friend and I both got stung. Actually, he got stung first and since I was hanging on his back- he yelled and threw me right into it (Pretty chivalrous, right?:) Oh, Don't worry- he was fine...his leg looked completely normal after two days while I looked like a serious burn victim for three weeks . It was horrible! Not to mention that it was 100 degrees here so my poor, red, inf lammed stung legs were always showing (I think I'm still recovering from the emotional devastation :) To me, jelly fish are like the mosquitoes of the sea. I mean, WHAT good do they do!? I'm obviously not a marine biologist so maybe I'm not completely educated on this subject, but it looks to me that all they do is make little children (and me) run out of the water crying. So when Megan mentioned doing a jellyfish line, it was hard for me to get over my extreme hatred for these nasty creatures. I honestly couldn't imagine how to make these THINGS cute (I'm getting all feisty just thinking about them).

Of course, as usual, she proved me wrong! If jelly fish were this cute, I might, slowly begin to get over my extreme loathing.

I love so much about this design!
1. I love the light green seersucker (duh!)
2. The last dress shown is ALSO a top! For instance, a size 2t dress would fit a 6 year old as a top (pair it with our white pique capris :)!
3. I am OBSESSED with the one piece bathing suit...(I love a good ruffle, you know!)

So, maybe I'm slowly starting to re-think my position on jelly fish.....


Janma said...

Love, love the jiggly jellyfish!! Where can I purchase the little boys swimsuit and the little boys jon-jon?????

Lee said...

They will be on our website with the spring line when it comes out! This is just a sneak peek ;)