Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Trunks, trunks, trunks!!!!

After a nice trip to New York for the holidays; much needed time spent with family, friends, and getting used to the FREEZING weather.. getting back in to the swing of this has been a little difficult. Charleston welcomed me with it's beautiful 70 degree weather in late December (nothing wrong with that!) and now the frigid arctic must have come back with me and is gracing us with weather in the mid 30's!? One of the reasons I came down south was for the nice warm weather, not this! brr

Anyways, after getting back into the swing of things again, I realized that it's that time of year again...TRUNK SEASON yayy!! The first shows of the season start next week :). I know that everyone is excited to get their little ones all dressed up in our new Spring 2012 line!!! (If you haven't already, check it out on our website!) It'll be warmer sooner than you think!!

Do you want to go to a trunk show or even HOST a show (who doesn't need a little extra cash these days)...?
To simply inquire about a rep near you email scheduling@shrimpandgritskids.com and Mary (our rep coordinator) will put you in touch with the closest rep! So simple!
Interested in maybe hosting a show? (it's so simple AND you get free clothes!) First, email Mary at the same email above and she will put you in contact with the closest rep to get you set up! It really is so simple to host a show...all you have to have is a lot of friends that love smocked clothes!

There are only a few steps to take to have a party...
First- the rep will give you invitations and catalogs to send out to your friends and order forms to take orders on.

Second- the trunk will be brought to you so that all of your friends can see the clothes up close and personal! :)
Third- HAVE A PARTY!!!! (the best part!) It can be as simple as just laying the clothes out or we've had people that have a full on casual cocktail party! Your friends tell you what they want, you write it down on the order forms, and the rep comes back to pick up the trunk and forms AND YOU'RE DONE!
You may be wondering what you get out of this? (besides an excuse to have a party), right? Well you get 15% of your total sales in store credit! For example, if you sell $500, you would get $75 worth of free clothes. We take it directly off of your order from your show so it's never even charged to your card.
ANDDD- at the end of each season we email all of the reps and hostesses a 40% off discount code to use for another order. That is a lot of FREE CLOTHES (everyone's favorite!).
*The only requirements are to sell at least $500 worth of clothes and you have to place a personal order (but why wouldn't you want to after looking at clothes from our Spring 2012 line?)!
That's the low down on hosting a show so now all you have to do is get on the computer and email scheduling@shrimpandgritskids.com to get set up :)!

The trunks went out yesterday, so it's time to have a PARTY!!!

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