Tuesday, August 16, 2011

See ya Summer!..HELLO corduroy!

I am so excited to announce that today I woke up and it was only 80 degrees on my way to work! Even better- the high today is only 90 degrees! Some of you are probably breaking into a sweat thinking of 90 degrees, but here in Mount Pleasant, it feels amazing! Like fall is actually going to come one day...

Children are back in school...Ella's first day of 1st grade was today (Megan said that she did great at drop off..YAY ELLA!), my little brother started his first day of JUNIOR HIGH yesterday (crazy!), and I start back next week!...it's really just too much! To make myself feel better, I decided that nothing REALLY changes until Labor Day. After Labor Day, summer is officially over in my book.

Labor Day marks the end of seersucker, white, and linen in the south. Those are definitely some of my favorite fabrics and I feel a little sad thinking that in a few weeks it'll be time to move them to the back of my closet. BUT, with every end comes a new, exciting beginning, right!? So, the wonderful, cool fabrics of seersucker and linen are replaced with one of my favorite fabrics...CORDUROY! Corduroy is so soft and comfortable that it almost makes me yearn for the cold weather. So, in honor of one of my favorite fall fabrics...this blog is all about corduroy!

According to Wikepedia:

Corduroy is a textile composed of twisted fibers that, when woven, lie parallel (similar to twill) to one another to form the cloth's distinct pattern, a "cord." Modern corduroy is most commonly composed of tufted cords, sometimes exhibiting a channel (bare to the base fabric) between the tufts. Corduroy is, in essence, a ridged form of velvet.

In case you were interested in the official definition :)!

Lucky for you, Shrimp and Grits Kids has PLENTY of adorable corduroy styles for boys and girls! Pair the dresses with a little pair of tights or the longalls with a long sleeved collared shirt for adorable fall outfits!!

This doesn't even include most of the corduroy pants or matching boys longalls! Not to worry, they are all listed on our website (www.shrimpandgritskids.com)! So, all you have to do is go on to our website, stock up for fall, and use all that time you saved shopping to soak up the last days of summer! :)

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