Thursday, September 1, 2011

Shrimp and Grits Kids in Skirt!

So, as I walk into work today, I literally almost trip over a pile of "Skirt!" magazines...(I'm a tad bit clumsy) :)! I just love "skirt!" magazine. It is a magazine just for women of Charleston, S.C....it features the most fab places to eat and shop, healthy lifestyle tips, and the most fun events of the month..(all three of my favorite things to do, in other words!)

Obviously, almost tripping over this pile made my Thursday morning! As I walked in, put my things down, and immediately got distracted by the magazine (sorry work :)...I saw that WE were featured in the magazine with an ad! As I've mentioned before, I'm a tad bit excitable, so I immediately took a picture and sent it to Megan and her response was, "Lee, we've been running ads in Skirt! for a while"...wayyy to bust my Thursday morning bubble :)! Anywho, I'm always looking for exciting things at Shrimp and Grits Kids to blog about- and today, Skirt! magazine wins!

Also, in case you've forgotten, it is almost LABOR DAY WEEKEND! A.k.a.- a three day weekend! You better get all the wear out of your seersucker, linen, and white- after Monday- they are moved to the back of the closet...sad day :)!

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Blair said...

You know speaking of Labor Day....I'd love for S and G to offer more in between seersucker and cords. Season. We have a ton of both, but only one bubble that is cotton check from ya'll. We are struggling for the in between season. Wishing for cooler weather in AL!