Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's Fall on Pitt Street!

Honestly, I have mixed feelings about today. I walked into work and two things happened:

1. I set off the alarm and the police came (GREATTT way to start off the day:)
2. I looked around and realized that the store looked completely different!

Some time in between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m.- the spring line went on center racks and the fall line took over the store. I mean, the fall line looks AWESOME in the store (obviously :)! so I guess the mixed feelings come from my selfish want for summer to last forever. Don't get me wrong...I love fall (my birthday, football, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Eve, Valentine's Day..just a few of my favorite things :), but their is just something about summer that makes me smile. It could be the sun, the water, the boat, 4th of July, Memorial Day, watermelon...who knows! I've just never been one to really like change I suppose :)...BUT this is a great change! I've been talking about the fall line for so long that it's so exciting to actually see it on the racks in the store! The warm, soft feel of corduroy is actually getting me pretty excited about the colder weather...and doing a little shopping of my own :)

I know the fall line is old news to you online shoppers, but to our local store shoppers this is big news! You can actually come into the store, see the line, try it on, and BUY! How awesome would it be to be set for all your fall activities in JULY!? (pretty awesome if you're a planner like me)...AND, not to mention, that getting your childrens' shopping out of the way gives you more time to shop for yourself...! :)

I feel like it's absolutely crazy to be shopping for fall when it is still July, but things are ALREADY going on backorder online! A.k.a- better hurry, stop reading this, and get to shopping!

P.S. HAPPY tuesday (one day closer to the weekend :)!

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