Monday, July 11, 2011

Catalog Last call!

Happy Monday! I always feel like I'm so tired on Mondays- I might just love the beach a little too much on the weekends :)!..so it always helps to have a little bit of exciting news to start the week with!

Ready!?...Catalogs are finally going out this week! We literally have 1,890 catalogs to send out already (I'm not even exaggerating-promise!) That is A LOT of stickers to stick on catalogs, but we're so excited that so many people want to see it! I bet Mike (our catalog designer) is the most excited of all...you have NO idea how long he spends getting our catalog ready. He's quite the perfectionist (which is great for us, right?) We know that it is always easier to see the clothes on actual children (especially super cute ones) so it's definitely understandable why so many people want a copy of the catalog to themselves! :)

So, the bad news is this is last call for catalog requests! You have until Tuesday night to get on our website (www.shrimpandgritskids.com) and request a catalog! Then, you can flip through every page on your own time and plan the perfect outfit for every occasion...I mean, I do it and I don't even have children...pathetic? Maybe!...but don't judge me, how could I work here every day and not be obsessed? :)

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