Thursday, June 14, 2012

Two for one? Yes, please!

Is it a turkey? Or is it a peacock?  It is up to you to decide!  Are you the type of person who loves a great deal?!  If so, the new turkey/peacock line is ideal for your little ones this Fall.  These outfits are so versatile, your son or daughter can wear them for Thanksgiving AND all fall long :) You have both the traditional fall color scheme with brown gingham and brown corduroy, and also our beautiful new vibrant prints and corduroy as well to brighten up your sometimes dismal fall days!!
 *Turkey/peacock jumper
 *Turkey/peacock longall, turkey/peacock & stocking reversible jumper, turkey/peacock t-shirt with brown gingham pants, turkey/peacock bishop
*Turkey/peacock jumper, turkey/peacock t-shirt with sky corduroy pants

I hope you're keeping track of all your fall favorites, because I certainly can't decide what mine are (there are just too many!!) :)

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Reese Aviana said...

First of all, congratulation for your creation; they are looking very cute and adorable kid’s clothes collection. Keep up the good work.