Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sample Sale FRIDAY!

Hey everyone, I hope you all are getting excited about our HUGE sample sale this Friday!!  We have been marking all of the samples- 40% off :), getting all of our inventory labeled/marked down with pictures because we all know it is going to be crazy!

Here's the low down..
-all samples are 40% off- samples will be located on the hanging racks
-current inventory is 20% off-current inventory will be in boxes
-boys clothes will be on one side of the room, girls clothes on the other
-CASH and CREDIT CARDS ONLY!  (no gift certificates, coupon codes, or checks will be accepted)
-bows, headbands, and sandals (adorable squeaker sandals for your little girl this summer!) will be located in boxes
-doors open at 9am, sale will go until 5pm
-there are absolutely NO EXCHANGES, RETURNS, OR REFUNDS on any items, all sales are FINAL.

Location: Holliday Inn 250 Johnnie Dodds Boulevard Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

**Don't forget, for everyone that can't make it to our sale this Friday, check out Smocked Overstocks' Facebook page (make sure to "like" them)!  They will be hosting Shrimp and Grits Sample Sale online starting May 17th!!

Last but not least, please be respectful of others trying to get some great deals! Do not grab the entire rack of clothes to see what you like best.  Thanks ladies!!!


Stephanie said...

Hi! Excited about Friday. Quick question- are children/strollers allowed in?

andrewhudson said...

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