Thursday, May 31, 2012

Join the Shrimp and Grits Kids Family!!

Join the Family!
Become a Shrimp and Grits Kids Rep Now!
What a fun way to earn money and adorable Shrimp and Grit Kids clothing!  Earn up to 15% of your total sales in cash commission.  Earn 15% of your total sales in Shrimp and Grits Kids credit for the show you host.  At the end of the season you will get a 40% off coupon. It’s easy and fun for all you busy mothers! Becoming one of our reps will give you the opportunity to have fun with your friends and family at your home shows, meet new friends, and earn free clothes and some cash that always comes in handy.  Your children will be the best dressed kids at school!
Our Clothes Sell Themselves
How it works:
1.   Decide how many shows you will be having, how many invitations you will need and how long you will need the trunk for.
2.     We will let you know if we have any interested hostesses in your area for you to work with and put you in contact with them. 
3.     We will ship you the invitations and catalogs, and a handbook for you to look over.
4.     We will ship the trunk to you for your show and the shows you are scheduling.
5.    You will attend all of your shows and process the orders from all of your shows.
6.     You will then ship the trunk to the next rep with the shipping label we provide.
7.     You are done, and you receive your commission and store credit- How easy!!!!!
     8.  A show has to total $500 in order to earn store credit.
What You Earn
A rep earns 15% of her sales from her own show as credit towards her own clothing purchase. Besides earning her 15% credit she earns 10 to 15% cash based on the entire amount sold under her. A rep is responsible for having at least 3 hostesses.  At the end of each season, you get the added bonus of a 40% coupon  off of all Shrimp and Grits Kids clothes! 
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