Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Bunny fun :)

This past week I found myself dying Easter eggs with friends, helping out with an Easter egg hunt, and got a surprise package in the mail from the Easter bunny!!  All this fun makes me wish I was little again, running around searching for all the colorful eggs that were hidden around the yard and waking up to a big Easter basket filled with tasty treats :).  Sunday is right around the corner, does your little one have the perfect outfit for the big day??  I'm sure a lot of you do, but if you don't you can always stop by our store and grab something adorable for all of the festivities this weekend! 

Also, just to make sure everyone knows, the warehouse will be closed starting this afternoon (April 6th) and will re-open Tuesday April 17th.  Orders can be placed online/over the phone, but will not start shipping out until the 17th.  

                     HAPPY EASTER!!!!

PS- We will be having an online sample sale, giveaways and auctions on our "smocked overstocks" page on Facebook.  So if you haven't already, make sure to "like" the page for updates on all the great deals (and share with your friends too!).

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