Thursday, April 26, 2012

Congratulations to our top sales rep Jennifer DeFatta who did such an amazing job this season!  Here is what she has to say..

Dear Shrimp & Grits Kids friends,

Thank you so much for all the kind words and encouragement!  I am truly humbled by the responses, because selling Shrimp & Grits Kids clothing is simply something I enjoy doing - I really have never viewed it as "work"!  I am continually surprised and pleased to turn in the trunk each season, since my goals have simply been to represent a good company with high-quality clothing that's as affordable as it is adorable :)  As you all know, Shrimp & Grits Kids fits the bill time and time again!  I always strive to sell more each season than I did the previous season, but that is primarily a function of my type-A personality, and not a "sales" mentality at all.

Several of you asked for my "tips" and wondered about my hostesses - I can honestly say that my hostesses deserve most of the credit for my success!  I have repped this clothing since Spring/Summer season 2009 and my "top two" hostesses from that season are still my "top two" hostesses consistently each season - they are amazing moms who are wonderful at promoting their parties and who LOVE earning free clothes :)  In addition, I have picked up "new" hostesses each season - usually a happy customer who also wants to earn free clothing too!  I also believe that the "market" here in Shreveport, LA contributes greatly to my sales - everyone I know loves to dress their children in classic children's clothing everyday for every occasion, boys & girls.  As a cousin of mine from a large metropolitan city in Texas recently commented - "I'm spending Easter weekend in the land of seersucker and little boys in lace"!!!  LOL.

I'm happy to talk to anyone individually on how I work each season, but I'm afraid my "tips" might disappoint - I just really enjoy promoting the line and seeing my customers/hostesses at their parties to see how their kids are growing up, etc.  And as my husband will tell you - I am very driven to earn the commission because I enjoy having my own exclusive "spending" money! It's how I can continue to fuel my obsession with adorable clothing for my 3 kids :)

Thank you Shrimp & Grits Kids for the beautiful bag - it is a fun surprise for something that I just really love to do everyday.  Best of luck to all my fellow reps as the Fall 2012 season approaches - your enthusiastic responses will help drive sales all over the country!

Jennifer DeFatta, sales rep
Shrimp & Grits Kids clothing

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