Monday, November 7, 2011

Hello November/Deal of the Day!

Hi friends! Happy NOVEMBER! (Isn't that crazy!? I feel like I was JUST blogging about 4th of July yesterday!) It is FINALLY feeling like Fall here in Mt. Pleasant! This morning it was 60 degrees..(bring out the winter coats :)! November brings some of my favorite things- a.k.a. Thanksgiving and the USC/ Clemson game! BOTH of which require an appropriate, yet cute (obviously) outfit! Not to worry- I already have mine picked out (even though I'd be much happier wearing a bishop dress on Thanksgiving...more breathing room! :)

So, on the topic of bishop dresses and other types of adorable smocked clothing, have YOU decided what your little ones will be wearing on Thanksgiving or to the Clemson/Carolina game? (even if you're not a die hard Clemson or Carolina fan- you know that you still have a favorite :)! Those holiday pictures last for a life-time, you know. Do you really want your son or daughter looking back when they are 24 and asking "why in the world you dressed them in those tacky clothes!?" Didn't think so! :) Personally, I would recommend the fall bishop/longall or the turkey reversible jumper or longall! Obviously, for the big game I am recommending the Tiger or South Carolina bishop or longall!

Okay, I'm about to make your day (you're welcome!) Drum roll....today we start the deal of the day!!! For those of you that know what it is- try and contain your excitement. For those of you that don't- get ready! :)

Deal of the Day: Every day we select an article of clothing, post it on Facebook and our website, and put it on sale! The deal only lasts for one day- so it is a one time chance!

Everybody loves a good deal, right? (well, I know I do!)

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